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-Granted sales permission on April 02 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
- Feedback HERE <-click please
- Feedback will be left once package reaches you and you confirm its delivery! Please also leave me feedback once it arrives.
- All community rules apply
- I only accept paypal
- Holds are okay within reason
- prices do not include shipping/fees
- I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance/tracking.
- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody for any reason.
- I will try to send items within a 2 -13 business days. That does not include weekends!

--I have a cat I do not allow near plush, and I make fursuits. This means there may be some fluff on the plush, but I will do my best to make sure it is all removed!!!--

Electronic talking lugia. Has some wear on the wing and yellowing on the tail and joints.

Custom sleeping ninetales. Super cute and soft
Deoxys plush. Small rip in arm part, picture shows a close up

Cyndaquil 1, dragonite, elekid, heatran, cherrim, mesprit, murkrow, raikou, jirachi, jigglypuff

Mostly friends plush.
Bouffalant MPC, blissey, quagsire, wartortal, pichu keychain, simisear MPC, cyndaquil 2 and cleffa

Mispainted Vaporeon Jakks, Luxio Jakks, Umbreon Jakks and sandile popout plush


These plush are not starting at 10$!

Brandnew eevee egg plush. Please be aware it is going to start at 20

2004 Vaporeon plush., no hang tag, great condition, legit. Please be aware this plush starts at 40.
Glaceon and Flareon keychains, mint with all tags. Please be aware they both start at 20

All items start at 10$, from big to small, (except where noted!) from loved to mint. I just want to get through this HUGE box of pokemon stuff that is just sitting around.
Shipping prices may be slightly high! But do not fear! I will always refund the difference if the shipping quote is not correct, even by just a few cents. (Total factors in shipping, packaging, and fees!)

Auctions will end on 1/31/2014 at 11:59pm EST

Space Cat Creations Terms of Service

Latest update: 1/17/2014

Anyone that places an order must be 18 years or older.

I require at least a 40% down payment for larger orders over 100$ before work is started. Remainder of total can be paid in smaller payment plans (please discuss beforehand) or all at the completed of your custom creation before shipping.

While payments are flexible, they must be kept in a timely manner. If not kept consistently, your commission will be put on hold, and may be subject to termination.

Quotes are only valid for 30 days from the day sent it, after this time period you must resubmit your information for a new quote.

Please do not send any payments until all parties involved come to an agreement.

Reference sheets for your character are needed for heads and partials costumes. References must be PG, or they will not be accepted. No copyrighted characters. The reference sheet must have 2-3 different views (side, front, back) or a very detailed description. I will need open contact with the commissioner for any questions I may have on their custom creation.

Is there a deadline?  This is something if need to know, without a deadline I will take my time on the project. If you give me a deadline and I deem it reasonable, I will accept it and do my best to stick to it. No deadlines are guaranteed, however I will notify you before hand if I am unable to meet your deadline. Please note I can not agree to specific date deadlines. You may suggest them, but I can only guarantee month deadline (ie. I can't do May 14th, but I can do May).

I work in a non-smoking/carcinogenic environment. However I do own a cat, and there are dogs in the household. The cat may get into things, but the dogs are kept off this floor of the house.

I take no responsibility for your personal safety while wearing my products. Remember to stay hydrated, and have handlers near by for your well being. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

Shipping and tracking:

I put tracking on all of my commissions, it's my way of proving you received the item to avoid conflict. I insure every package I send out for the amount it's worth. Insurance is placed upon packages if request. If a package is lost due to postal error and the commissioner did not request insurrance, it is not my fault. If insurance was requested, I will refund you the amount via the insurance that was placed upon it.

All items in the USA have tracking, all that are international must have a commissioner request and payment for the added service (approx USPS cost is 40$ int).

If sending me a payment via money order, cash, etc., it MUST have delivery confirmation on it. I take no responsibility if you send money and it gets lost in the mail. Please send me the tracking number promptly after shipping so I know that it's on its way.

Overseas shipping:

Yes I do ship overseas, however I am not responsible for customs/duty fees/etc. Please keep in mind that I have no control over how much customs/postal services charge for you to claim your package. I will not send my work as a "gift" just to avoid having to pay, the cost will also be noted on the forms as the actual cost paid.

All international orders must be paid through Paypal, unless stated otherwise.

Changing a feature/design/character:

If you want to change a feature on your order, please tell me ASAP before work begins. However if I have already made any of the pieces that need to be redesigned, it will be at your expense. Please make sure you know what it is you want before you order to avoid having to pay for multiple items due to a changing mind.

Changing the character's species is unacceptable, as it would require an entirely new quote.

Canceling a commission:

If supplies have not been purchased, and you wish to cancel the commission, you will get a complete refund. If supplies have been purchased, you will be refunded the difference, and the materials purchased. I will use the remaining budget, if any, to pay for shipping. If there is no remaining budget, I will require payment to ship the items to you.

If work has begun and you cancel, the down payment as well as the time/work/purchased supplies I have put into the piece will not be refunded. I will choose whether to complete the costume or not, and sell it for my own profit.

If for whatever reason I cancel on you and nothing has been purchased all money will be returned. If supplies have been purchased and no work has been done, I will refund any remainder of the budget and supplies (shipping at the cost of commissioner).

Keeping in contact is a must! If I am unable to get a hold of you after several attempts over a span of 2 months, any work and money put down is forfeit. Please notify me ASAP if you are going away, can't make a payment, some sort of emergency has occurred, or whatever is holding you up. I am fairly flexible when it comes to life throwing unexpected curve balls with my commissioners, but please let me know what's going on so arrangements can be made between us.

Artist info:

Things I will do:

Toony critters

Small piece commissions such as a tail, hand paws, feet paws, ect.

New items I have yet to make.

Things I will not do:

Commissions that I will not agree to usually pertain to being over the PG rating, reference sheet is poorly done, reference sheet of a copyrighted character, or the character is deemed too complicated to be turned into a costume. I will follow any references that are given, however I will make the product in my artistic representation of the character's design.

Duplication of another artist work.

Copyrighted material, anything that has been trademarked or copyrighted that does not belong to the commissioner.

Adult material of any sort, no exceptions.

Show work in progress for smaller orders (usually).

Will not be making moving jaws, until I find a more suitable way that works with my style.

Returning for repairs and upkeep:

When returning something for repair please have the item(s) thoroughly cleaned. Anything I deem filthy or smelly will be returned at your expense.

I will only fix costumes that I have personally made. If someone else, such as another suit maker you hired, or yourself tried to alter anything on a costume I have made, I will not repair that costume/piece. I take no responsibility for other suit maker’s work, or your own. Meaning if said persons damage the costume, or alter it in any way I will not undo their work. If you want your costume to be fixed and has not been altered, I will do so for an appropriate cost depending on the type of repair. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

I will fix any costume piece that I have made within the first 30 days of being received, free of labor charge, if my own work was at fault.

If there are obvious signs of neglect, I as the artist have the right to charge whatever amount it will take to repair the costume piece. If I deem that the costume piece cannot be fixed due to neglect, I will return it at your expense.

Fur by no means should EVER be put under heat! When washing your suit/pieces put them on the COLD/COLD setting. When drying the suit/pieces I prefer hang drying with a few fans pointed at them. It helps to reverse the costume/pieces (when applicable) to dry the inside, then turn back out and dry the fur side, visa versa. You can use your dryer, but use it at your own risk, everyone's dryers dry differently some use heat even if it's "air only"!

Common Questions, and Answers

Q: Can I fit my glasses under the mask?
A: While it is possible, I can not guarantee it. Please message me to make me aware!

Q: Can I ask for a quote?
A: Sure! Quotes are open when announced, and are only valid for 30 days. After the 30 day period you must resubmit your info to be

Q: Will you show me progress pictures?
A: They are not guaranteed, but I tend to like to involve my commissioners in my work. It is very possible you will get some sort of visual updates.

Q: I have something that needs to be repaired but it wasn't made by you, can you still fix it?
A: I am currently not comfortable altering someone else' work.

Q: I have fur, or other parts that I want you to use for my costume. Can I send them to you?
A: Depending on the type of fur, it is a high possibility. I, however, do not accept parts to use.

Q: Is that real fur you use? Will you use real fur for costumes if I send it to you?
A: No. Real fur is not acceptable to use on fursuits unless it is for small parts like a hair tuft.

Q: Where do you get your faux fur?
A: CR Craft's, Distinctive Fabric, Jo Ann's, other costume makers, Fabric.com, and other fabric sites.

Q: Can I have/use your patterns? Where do you get your patterns?
A: No, I drafted these patterns for just personal and commission use. Sorry!

Places you can contact me

Space Cat Creations Facebook group

Business Furaffinity
Personal FurAffinity

Plush sale. All auctions starting at 10$!!! Part 2!
Oooh -awe-
Pokemon in hereCollapse )

Plush sale. All starting at 10$
Oooh -awe-
Plush sale!!!Collapse )

Lost Contact!
Lost contact, help needed! Fossil

We agreed to have a tattoo fixed at AC2012 but that as well as FA:U2012 and FF2012, fell through with some confusion and some inability to get a hold of him.

I contacted him about a month before AC with the assumption he was attending. He messaged me back saying he was not and to wait until FA:U (2013) for a slot to get the art fixed. Seems he had something happen before FA:U and has been very inactive recently.

I sent him a note; he read it and no response. Then I sent an email asking for anything since I wasn't getting anything through FA. Time passed and I sent him another note asking for some sign of life and saying I emailed them.

He just got back on FA yesterday (seen via a fav on something, not a post/journal) and the note is read without a response... again...

This was a very expensive piece and I have attempted many times to get it fixed up.

I do not know WHAT happened, but I do know he is not responding to me. Should I wait a little longer, and give him one last chance, ask for a definite date/time/place and see how it goes? Or what else can I do to attempt to correct this?

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Outofplace and awkward
I'm not too happy with things atm, but it needs to be said.
I'm horribly overwhelmed when it comes to shipping things out. Especially right now.

I'm currently going through a huge transition in my life and have been out of state for sometime. It makes it hard to send things or have GA's when I am in another state. It is a bit hard to get my room mate (ex bf) to answer my calls or emails.

Regardless, it is my responsibility to get packages out in a timely fashion, and I have been failing at this.

Since I am getting ready for my biggest convention in July, and I will be moving states shortly, I no longer want to do GAs. I feel like they overwhelm me to a point of panic and then my brain just shuts down. It isn't fair to anyone ever waiting on me.

If anyone wants a refund or something, I do hope they would let me know. I don't like making people feel upset and that was never my intention.

I will be able to get things sorted out in 2 weeks as I am finally going to be back home and able to do everything. Please, please inbox me or email me if anyone has any issues or problems!!! My email as always is 6reycat@gmail.com

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Omg, all of the gengar merchandise, why. D:,

Why all at once?! -saves up as much she can-

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I dunno why, but I feel I should post more on here. Let people know who I am more instead of just that furry who buys gengar, joltik, wailord and cobalion pok`e merch.

Anyways, I'm Jes, or Poprock. I'm currently 25 (D:) and I make furry things for a living. I like pokemon stuffs way more then I should, and I like fun things. I don't really know what else to say.. uhh.. I'm kinda shy at first, then I becoming annoyingly rowdy with friends. Either that, or I get oddly quiet and just listen to everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Just a habit from growing up in a less then awesome environment. I'm 5"9, blonde hair, blue eyes. I have two tattoos and would have a piercing here and there if I wasn't allergic to everything (or have contact dermatitis). I wear glasses, and can kinda wear contacts. My right eye is in a silly number range, so no contacts truly fit me. Fun stuff. I'm a tomboy and a fatty. I like eating ice cream, meaty stuffs like steak, and snugging my kitties. I have two cats, 'Zilla and Verdi. Both are torties and I love them greatly. Verdi doesn't seem too fond of snuggling on my terms though. She is more then happy to come to you when she wants. Both of them are really loud and meow at me and my boyfriend, Kith, a lot. Don't tell Verdi, but 'Zilla is my favorite. She is like a dog, and every morning I wake up to her snuggling by my side.

Uhh. So yeah. There we go. I guess you know a little more about me?

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Hey guys, I'm having computer trouble at the moment and my phone is either awesome or a poop when on LJ. I'm not dead, just letting everyone know.

Also the plush from the poprockpotato GA got to me in record time! Once we get our new power cable, totals and pictures will be posted.

We will make you the happiest kitten in the world.
Outofplace and awkward
Verdi is home, and being happy, even if she is constantly grooming her shaved down spots. All we can really do it wait it out and make her as comfortable as possible. We do need to supply her a special diet, but with only her eating it, it shouldn't be too expensive.

Thank you to everyone that wished us well and kept us in their thoughts. Your kind words mean very much to Verdi, 'Zilla (Verdi's sister), Kith (my bf) and myself.

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