poprock_grey (poprock_grey) wrote,

Lost Contact!

Lost contact, help needed! Fossil

We agreed to have a tattoo fixed at AC2012 but that as well as FA:U2012 and FF2012, fell through with some confusion and some inability to get a hold of him.

I contacted him about a month before AC with the assumption he was attending. He messaged me back saying he was not and to wait until FA:U (2013) for a slot to get the art fixed. Seems he had something happen before FA:U and has been very inactive recently.

I sent him a note; he read it and no response. Then I sent an email asking for anything since I wasn't getting anything through FA. Time passed and I sent him another note asking for some sign of life and saying I emailed them.

He just got back on FA yesterday (seen via a fav on something, not a post/journal) and the note is read without a response... again...

This was a very expensive piece and I have attempted many times to get it fixed up.

I do not know WHAT happened, but I do know he is not responding to me. Should I wait a little longer, and give him one last chance, ask for a definite date/time/place and see how it goes? Or what else can I do to attempt to correct this?
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